Full Figured Fashion Week

In 2015, I auditioned for Full Figured Fashion Week in New York. I was so hype and confident that decided to take this big leap. Well, I was certainly not ready! After learning more about the industry through research and befriending other Full-Figured Models, I realized how off the mark I was. It was a good thing and a bit si good thing for me. The good thing: I know I needed to step my game all the way up through experience with taking photos. The not so good thing: several factors caused me not to audition again. Half of it was my lack of confidence, the other half was time and finances. 2018 was Full Figured Fashion Week’s 10th Anniversary and marked the end of an era. If it ever comes back, if all lines up for me, I will audition! This is the ultimate platform for the Full-Figured Model!

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